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Living Freedom Online Event

May 11th
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Living Freedom
is a
10 Week Online
Integral Training Event and System

Living Freedom is an effective, compassionate and eye opening event
that supports you in having the knowledge, reference points,
tools and practices needed for a vital, functional, integral and meaningful life.

The 10 Week Program
Includes Trainings, Breath, Dance and Release

Free Introduction Video:

Event Guided By

Diamond and River Jameson

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In this Online Event you will Receive:

10 Training Modules

A 3 hour recorded Training Module is released each week.
You have 1 full week to review and study the Training Module
before your Live Online Integration Session.
(Modules are accessible for 6 months.)

10 Integration Sessions

The live Online Integration Sessions are
30 min on Tuesdays at 7:00pm (Berlin)

The weekly Live Online Integration Sessions will give you
an opportunity to review the current Training Module
with others who are doing the program.
(Recorded Sessions will be emailed to you.)

10 Breath, Dance and Release Sets

Turn up your sound system and enjoy
Breathing, and Moving in each Training. 

You also receive:

Training Notes Manual
(51 pages)
Living Freedom Manual
 (110 pages)
(These will be FedEx to you prior the training)

10 Week

Online Event starts


May 11th

Choose the best time for you:
12:00pm CT or 7:00pm CT

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Mexico Residents

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Your Payment

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United States Fee
$13,500 mxn

Mexico Residents Fee
$9,000 mxn

Early Sign Up Fee
$4500mxn = $225 usd
 when you sign up before
 Apr 23rd
(You receive a $4500 mxn gift)

Time Payments
$550mxn/month for 12 months.

Your First $550mxn Payment
($550mxn = $25 usd)

Repeat Fee $3250mxn = $160 usd
Repeat Early Sign Up Fee: $2000mxn = $100 usd

Some Scholarships Available
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Once you have Signed Up

We will email you the Training Modules and
Integration Session links in a separate email.
We will Fedex you your manuals before the event.


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