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New Advanced
6 Week Online Event
New Advanced 6 Week Online Event
Starts Online
Feb 6, 5:00pt
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Where can you take your relationships during this tumultuous
time of enormous change? How can you make your partnerships islands of sanity, safety, healing,
love and sacred fun.
Explore all of this and more with sections on agreements,
boundaries, love languages and deep intimacy.
This new online training is for people who have 
done the Living Freedom event.
This training is for individuals as well as those 
in committed relationships. (see partnership pricing below)
Training Includes:
Six 2 hr Modules
Six 1 hr Integration Sessions
A total commitment of three hours per week.
Add on Bonus: 
Special 2 hour segment
“Sacred Monogamy as a Spiritual Journey”
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Partners Fee add 50%
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Time Payments: 10 Months.
$70.00 per month.
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