Awakening Excellence Business Culture Training.

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Training Format
There are 8 1hr Online Trainings each followed by an Online Review. 
You will also receive 2 Notebooks (Team Agreements and Notes Notebook)
This format makes the training easily available to all team members without travel or disruption of duties.

More Details:

Offered By Total Integration Institute LLC

Awakening Excellence is an Integral Business Culture Training for bringing a company and its team of players into a new context of business.

Awakening Excellence is a system of knowledge that profoundly affects how people work together, creating an enterprise that expresses its inspired vision and true values, while being a fun, healthy, supportive and evolving system for everyone.

We empower teams to create and offer innovative products and services that truly benefit people’s lives and set new standards of trust, integrity and quality in the marketplace and World.


Is the Foundation of Sustainable Success.

The Founders and Designers of the AE Training

 Diamond and River Jameson

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