The Total Integration Institute

The Total Integration Institute is a synergistic research, training and coaching team that was founded in 1977 and has been dynamically supporting people in waking up to their authentic lives and selves and to a new evolving Integral context of being, relating, creating and living ever since. The work continues to grow and expand and is non-dogmatic, as the tools and practices are fully adaptable to every situation, time, location and level of development.

The team of the Total Integration Institute are pioneers in soberly exploring healthy, dynamic ways of living. Our discoveries contribute to the well-being, sanity, freedom, functionality and joy of all of Life. Our intention is to empower the global network of all responsible, caring, conscious people who care about how and where Earth life is proceeding.

Diamond and River Jamison

Diamond and River Jameson

Our Founders and Facilitators


Diamond and River Jameson, founders of the Total Integration Institute, have been partners in life and business for four decades.  They are fully committed to leading passionate, authentic, functional and integral lives together as reality artists.

They are trainers, educators, guides, mediators and coaches for lay people, businesses, corporations, and leaders in all areas. They love to empower people to be their true, biggest and best selves and to explore and develop a truly integral experience and consciousness while enjoying a dynamic co-creative and meaningful relationship with others, the World and all of Life.

They established the Total Integration Institute and then, Awakening Excellence in the Workplace after supporting many of their clients with their businesses creating successful breakthroughs and new possibilities for entrepreneurs. They have also been directors and board members of not-for-profit foundations. Together they have worked with thousands of people, all over the World educating them in developing integral, whole lives and businesses of tremendous functionality, joy and success.

They are passionate about creativity. Diamond is a musician, graphic artist, systems designer and photographer. River is a poet, singer, songwriter, photographer, artist, interior designer and idea generator. They both love creating beautiful gardens and sacred space.

Diamond and River have two wonderful grown daughters. They live with their dogs in their hacienda that is also a training center and private art gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

We have continued to ask the big questions that matter:

What is truly important?

What connects us all underneath all of our differences?
How can we utilize all of our varied abilities and intelligences?

How can we empower ourselves and others to a planetary, cultural and multidimensional shift that results in more health, true wealth, awareness, ease, freedom, growth and happiness for everyone?

How can we be free of denial, addiction, contraction, and stuckness and not just survive, but truly thrive!

How can we as easily and quickly as possible, innovate and source resolutions to the personal and global issues we face?

How do we release the stories of our own and collective suffering and bring forth new and powerful stories that truly, factually, intuitively make heartfelt sense?

How can we live in alignment with our true principles and values, honoring and respecting ourselves and all of life?

The ever expanding answer is …….

Total Integration

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