LIVING FREEDOM is a life changing integral event and system, with new and expanded reference points for whole being human and planetary development and evolution.

We teach you how to release and let go of harmful self sabotaging patterns and connect to your true essential nature and your core freedom. The experiences and practices engage every aspect of your being and empower you to transform and rapidly evolve in a full embrace with life that is empowering, creative, interesting and liberating. Life becomes your Integral Path.

We have over 40 years of exploration, expansion, teaching and guiding of thousands of people in a vast array of socio-economic levels and settings. We have seen the enlightenment that is possible. The results are a powerful contextual shift that brings greater consciousness, love, beauty, grace and compassion to you, your life and your World.

We all need new expanded ways of being, functioning and experiencing in order to co-create and traverse this amazing and challenging era, and to add value and meaning to ours and others’ lives and to all of life on this beautiful planet Earth.  Living Freedom supplies you the foundation of what you need to stay centered, grounded, mindful and awake in a changing world.

We gratefully invite, welcome and encourage you to participate and receive this 5 Day Domain Shift now, in one of the most unique and beautiful small cities in the world: San Miguel de Allende.

I want to be there. Sign me up!

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