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August 3rd, 5:00PT 

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Living Freedom
is a
Integral Training Event and System
for creating
Whole Being “Well Being” 

Living Freedom is an effective, compassionate and eye opening event
that supports you in having the knowledge, reference points,
tools and practices needed for a vital, functional, integral and meaningful life.

The 10 Week Program
Includes Trainings, Breath, Dance and Release

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Event Guided By

Diamond and River Jameson

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In this Online Event you will Receive:

10 Training Modules

A 2-3 hour Training Module is released each week.
You have 1 full week to review and study the Training Module

before your weekly Live Online Integration/Review Session.

Modules are accessible for 6 months.

10 Integration Sessions

Are weekly live 60 min Online Integration Sessions on:

Tuesdays at 5:00pm PT

The weekly Live Online Integration Sessions will give you
an opportunity to review the current Training Module
with others who are doing the program.

10 Breath, Dance and Release Sets

Turn up your sound system and enjoy
Breathing, and Moving in each Training. 

You also receive:

Training Notes Manual
(51 pages)
Living Freedom Manual
 (110 pages)
(These will be FedEx to you prior the training)

10 Week

Online Event starts


Aug 3rd

5:00pm PT 

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$450 Early Sign Up Gift
when you sign up before

Aug 3rd
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What you will learn

Over the 10 week online training program you will
become aware of and integrate your “10 Powers”
that will enable you to live conscious evolution,
where life is your spiritual path and everything
you experience is part of your deep and
meaningful evolutionary process.

We include sections on:

CoCreating a New Context

Freedom at your core

Healing and integrating
the emotional body

Creating sacred space

Working with energy

Understanding boundaries

Verbal and non-verbal agreements

Resolving Guilt and toxic shame

Recognizing and releasing limiting belief systems

Releasing trauma and repetitive patterns

Resolving addiction and compulsivity

Meditation and non dual states 

        and much More.

Living Freedom is a whole being, whole process event, 
and is truly a grounded, expansive, integral experience.


Our graduates proclaim
that Living Freedom is one
of the most powerful experiences
they’ve ever had.

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Fees for 10 Week Online Event


United States
$900 USD

Early Sign Up Fee
 when you sign up before
 Aug 3rd
(You receive a $450 gift)

Time Payments
$75/month for 12 months

Couples Fees
1st Spouse normal fee above.

2nd Spouse $600
2nd Spouse Early Sign Up Gift $350
2nd Spouse Early Sign up Fee: $250 or
Time payments: $30/month for 12 months)

Repeater Fee $600
Repeater Early Sign Up Gift $350
Repeater Early Sign up Fee: $250 or
Time payments: $30/month for 12 months)

Some Scholarships Available
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Mexico Residents Fees

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