Michael Azcue

Retired CEO World Ventures Travel

What’s much more foundational and critical to your success in business is not what you do, it’s the way you do it. It’s how you and your team are going to work together.

When I first met Diamond & River, my young company was doing extremely well for only a few years in business. And we were a mess operationally. Our staff was stressed, burned out, and we paid dearly for massive mistakes and big operational misses.

We brought on the Awakening Excellence Training without any hesitation.

And it absolutely transformed our company’s culture, the health of our employees, and their overall happiness and wellbeing. We went from being overridden and spent to thriving.

And the things that we learned with the Awakening Excellence Training were so foundational to the company we became.

We established the “Team Agreements” in which we worked together and our company lived by. 

This and so much more strengthened trust to a degree that’s hard to put in words. And in business, trust is everything. That’s something that I learned through the Awakening Excellence Training. With low trust, you reduce efficiency and you increase costs. And the exact opposite is true. When you increase trust, you increase efficiency and decrease costs.

And we also learned and understood the importance of context. We totally transformed our corporate culture and overall health and energy of our employees and management team.

I’m convinced that if we had not brought on the Awakening Excellence Training, our company would not have survived.

And instead we became hugely successful.

At the start of AE, our company was doing tens of millions in annual sales,  and over the next several years, we grew to hundreds of millions in annual sales.

We did so well, I was able to sell my ownership and I’ve been retired for the past eight years.

As I look at my life today, every aspect is so much better because of the work done with Diamond and River.  I’m now excited to say I’m starting a new business. And it’s not even a question to me whether or not we do Awakening Excellence Training. It’s an absolute necessity! 


Santosh Pandipati MD

Co-Founder ELovu Health

Awakening Excellence is unlike any leadership or executive training course I have ever been a part of, and it goes back to Diamond and River specifically. They are modern day sages who expertly translate age old wisdom and compassion into effective tools for personal and organizational improvement. What I found absolutely impressive is that their discussions and lessons compelled deeper introspection within me, and I have been able to take my organizational insights into my personal life as well. This is the only course and set of instructors I have experienced that were concerned with not only larger institutional priorities, but also with my interpersonal and inner human development. This Diamond and River Business Culture Training – is time and money well worth spent.


Noel Pugh PHD PD

CEO, Co-Founder ELovu Health