Meet the co-founders & designers of the

Awakening Excellence Training.

Diamond & River Jameson.

Diamond and River have been married and partners in business for over four decades. They are trainers, educators, guides and coaches for lay people, businesses, corporations, and leaders in all areas. They love to empower people to be their true and best selves and to explore and develop a truly integral experience and consciousness while enjoying a dynamic co- creative and meaningful relationship with others, the World and all of Life.

Diamond was a computer specialist in the army and then attended UC Berkeley Business school, and as an entrepreneur has owned and ran numerous successful businesses, including The Guitar Store of Wayzata Minnesota, selling the largest selection of handmade guitars in the USA. Diamond was the Chairman of Commerce for the city of Wayzata, Minnesota, one of the wealthiest suburbs in the United States.

He was also a director for the Aspen Wholistic Institute. He became increasingly aware of the dysfunctions of both people and systems in the breakdown of businesses and lives and entered a period of intense study and growth personally. He felt that the world needed new models of living, relationships and business that expressed what was important and meaningful now in people’s lives and evolving cultures.

River began her own coaching and personal development business working with individuals as an herbalist, trainer, coach and certified yoga instructors for a national organization. She also opened one of the first natural food restaurants in the United States in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was then called to work with a group of thirty business owners in Cleveland Ohio, some being in the top companies in the steel and advertising industries, revolutionizing how they worked and lived.

She and her husband Diamond are co-founders and directors of the Total Integration Institute. They are also developers of “Living Freedom” an online 10 week ‘Whole Being Well Being” Training, and the “Awakening Excellence” Integral Business Culture Training. They have taught together in many different environments, countries and businesses for 46 years. They have been trainers and advisors to entrepreneurs, small startups as well as owners and executives of large companies. Businesses who want to truly be new models of what is possible are the only businesses they work for at this time. They are truly experienced elders who train and build strong, trusting, synergistic teams.


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