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ONLINE Summer 2020

4 Day Live Event TBA

Location TBA

Welcome to Reality Artist

“Reality Artist” is a paradigm shift that will liberate and empower you to create your highest visions and possibilities in and with the world.

Reality Artist is a complete and powerful contextual shift. It awakens your abilities as an enlightened, capable, strong and joyous manifester of you, and your World’s, well being and prosperity.

We give you the skills and reference points required to have an easier, more empowered and deeply satisfying relationship to people, partnerships, business and money.

You will receive many practical tools, techniques and experiences that have allowed many people to achieve freedom, prosperity and ease in their lives.

We teach you specifically how to create and attract people, partners and teams that are highly capable of synergistic co-creation.

We offer a rich, multi-dimensional experience that re-frames your business and financial lives, as well as your relationship to the manifested World.

When you turn on an innovative responsible, enjoyable and even a fun relationship to manifestation, you are empowered to not only experience true prosperity, but to also become a significant contributor, influencing the health, beauty, functionality and beneficial evolution of your world.

You become a creative and potent “Reality Artist”.

When, Where, How Much

ONLINE Summer  2020

4 Day Live Event TBA After Covid 19 Passes

9:30-6:30 (2-hour Lunch & Nap)

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (learn more)

Prerequisite: Living Freedom

4 Days $ 800 USD

4 Lunches (optional – additional $60)

Spouse/Repeater Rate $ 450 USD

(Receiving the Spouse Rate precludes other Gifts).

Time Payments and Scholarship Gifts may be available. Inquire here.

Mexico Residents Pricing: $ 10,000 MXN Pesos

Repeater: $ 6,000 Pesos, Spouse: $ 6,000 Pesos

Travel, Lodging and Lunches are Not included in event price.

Live Logistic Support Available. Inquire here.

$ 50 Early Bird Discount available.

Prerequisite: Living Freedom


Warren Hardy gives a heartfelt recommendation for Living Freedom after experiencing the event in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2015.

Watch a collection of featured testimonials from the Living Freedom event in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2015.

Nataraj talks about his experience during the Living Freedom event guided by Diamond and River Jameson in San Miguel de Allende 2015.

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Contexts • Toxic Shame is a Lie
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